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Ooh, Trashy Lady

Keith pulls a poor man’s tarpon out of the first gut. This weekend was a ladyfish-killer weekend with the Austin Fly Fishers down on Padre Island National Seashore. No ladyfish were actually harmed in the making of this trash. Presumably because they are rumored to taste bad, oily– hmm… smoked fish spread anyone?



The Young Jedi

Got a call from The Young Jedi; man has been bustin a cap on some carp on the flats lately. One day in 2006 we bolted out of work early and went straight to the lake and I showed him the joys of lead core on a running line and he got his rod bent […]

High Stickin, Ditch Fishin

Same guy, different ditch— Steve and I decided to ply the small waters this Sunday afternoon.

I think the two may be related.

Gar are so 2003

All the chatter on the net lately about gar on fly makes me wonder if I should post a bunch of old gar pics. Or new gar pics… ironically it was gar that really got me motivated on trash fishin. Early on, I went on a lot of wild goose chases and had […]

The Mayors

Roy and Molly were a fun couple. We fished together exactly four years ago today. The two were avid anglers who had just decided to try fly fishing. Usually, they spent their time night fishing for bass, taking advantage of the cooler night time temperatures and lack of crowds on the water. Neither of […]

Lane’s Big-Ass Carp

History Lesson:

Texas Fly Report was shut down this week. The proprietor, Alex, (see: Redemption) created the site in 2002 as a programming hobby, and most of the initial members came to the site from a now defunct Yahoo Group called Texas Warm Water Fly Fishers.

I knew Lane from the Yahoo Group and some […]

Friends & Boo

Steve and I were ditch fishin this day and I somehow pushed the “Soft Focus 70s” button on the camera for an accidental effect.

Anyway, we got kind of intense about the whole sight fishing thing and I think he was too busy down the bank to come and take a snapshot so I […]


My friends Alex and Mark were the creators of Laughing Bass– an internet fishing show. The show and the Laughing Bass site have long since been abandoned, although some videos still exist on YouTube.

Alex and Mark came to Big D to film a carp episode for Laughing Bass in late July 2005, which spawned […]

Not Your Daddy’s Backups

Lucky for the internet (</sarcasm>), when I failed to stay current on my web hosting bill I was forced this week to create a new edition of the infamous– or is it the UNfamous–

Lucky for me, being a packrat has paid off and I have plenty of old versions of the site languishing […]