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20 Pounds Of Headsets Stapled To Our Chests










Tinsel Flash – Marabou Action

Oh yeah, there goes another packet of gold flashabou. Pickerel: check. Spring: pending.

All You Can Tie Materials Buffet

Got a big order of Sucker Punch materials in the mail the other day…

As soon as I get done chasing birds I had better start tying! There’ll be tailing fish in no time… February will be on us before we know it. Not that you can’t catch em the rest of the […]

Alligator Gar: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?

I went back to the site of Apex Trash. I was hoping for another alligator gar– maybe even a bigger one. When I got to the spot, there were gar rolling, and I couldn’t see them while they were near the surface long enough to be sure, but, I hoped they were all alligator gar. […]

Bonefish Eat the Sucker Punch

¬°Fabio, a la izquierda! I whispered not three minutes after we bailed off the panga so Pablo could pole the edge for Chad. [Fabio, to the left!]

This was the first fish of the week, and it was almost too easy– the tailing pod of fish was roaming hungry and it was just a […]

Circle of Life

My father-in-law introduced me to wing shooting. Since my own father didn’t hunt I never tried it when I was younger. I have always been an outdoorsman, and always been surrounded by people that hunt but never thought I’d get involved in it. A lot of people that I took carp fishing would comment […]

On the Catwalk

Zach is a fashion beast. Oh, the fitover-style sunglasses are mine, to be sure– in case of polarization emergencies. The baseball hat as well. But only Zach can turn a borrowed hat and a spare t-shirt into serious flats stalking gear.

His fish was also sporting something from the Fall 2008 line: […]

Sucker Punch

The latest version of the Sucker Punch – The One True Carp Fly.

The new materials list is:

Rust thread.

Bead Chain Eyes – large (5/32″), black.

Centipede Legs – Montana Fly Company, Speckled Orange #801, size Mini #0.

Wapsi Life Cycle Peacock Dubbing, Crawdub Burnt Orange Dubbing.

Hot […]