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So Long and Thanks For All the Salad

“Salad”, “moss”, “algae”, “vegetation”, whatever you want to call it… they don’t eat a lot of it, normally. No, that’s for those asian carp. The germans like their aquatic insects, freshwater crustaceans, minnows and the occasional egg by preference. But sometimes, food is scarce, and the germans get hungry. It looks worse on your […]


Found some carp in central Texas. Threw a cast net over this one and then posed it next to a fly rod to make it all look, you know, legit.

High Stickin, Ditch Fishin

Same guy, different ditch— Steve and I decided to ply the small waters this Sunday afternoon.

I think the two may be related.

Miss Carp USA

This is one of my favorite carp pictures. It has graced my desktop for years. It’s not the largest carp ever photographed, but that’s not the point– check out the colors on this fish.

The blue on the eyelid.

The purple reflection under the fly.

The red orange stroke on the lower tail fin, […]

Tailing Cats

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a blitz? There is bait flying everywhere and game fish doing cartwheels and water splashing and boiling and pure mayhem. So you aim the camera and take 10 pictures, and yet when you get home and look at them, the water looks calm and fishless, except […]

Sight Fishin


You know where they don’t have Whataburger?


Freakin’ Russians, that’s what they got there.


That’s what I say.

Lane’s Big-Ass Carp

History Lesson:

Texas Fly Report was shut down this week. The proprietor, Alex, (see: Redemption) created the site in 2002 as a programming hobby, and most of the initial members came to the site from a now defunct Yahoo Group called Texas Warm Water Fly Fishers.

I knew Lane from the Yahoo Group and some […]

On the Catwalk

Zach is a fashion beast. Oh, the fitover-style sunglasses are mine, to be sure– in case of polarization emergencies. The baseball hat as well. But only Zach can turn a borrowed hat and a spare t-shirt into serious flats stalking gear.

His fish was also sporting something from the Fall 2008 line: […]

Limit Minus Two

I was cruising along on my way to a virgin flat when I noticed some small pops on the glassy surface. I took a harder look and cut the motor without bothering to throttle down first. By the time the boat came off plane I was already reaching into a rod locker and within seconds […]