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Don’t leave Trash on the Fly on the bank to die.

The 60-day domain renewal notice came the other day, and it’s time to revive this thing or let it suffocate.

Trash on the Fly is a pretty cool name. I’d like to try to keep it alive, as a collaboration site. I have no interest in keeping it alive as a single-author blog, and I […]

20 Pounds Of Headsets Stapled To Our Chests










Ooh, Trashy Lady

Keith pulls a poor man’s tarpon out of the first gut. This weekend was a ladyfish-killer weekend with the Austin Fly Fishers down on Padre Island National Seashore. No ladyfish were actually harmed in the making of this trash. Presumably because they are rumored to taste bad, oily– hmm… smoked fish spread anyone?



So Long and Thanks For All the Salad

“Salad”, “moss”, “algae”, “vegetation”, whatever you want to call it… they don’t eat a lot of it, normally. No, that’s for those asian carp. The germans like their aquatic insects, freshwater crustaceans, minnows and the occasional egg by preference. But sometimes, food is scarce, and the germans get hungry. It looks worse on your […]

Gars for Bob

Hey! Mr. Longnose Gar Fish, jump and

dance for me

Why don’t you throw that rope fly so I don’t

have to hug you

Hey! Mr. Longnose Gar Fish, hold real

still for me

We’ll take that nylon from your teeth and I’ll

be seeing you




Sex Dolls and Quakers

Rope flies and river gar make a pretty good combination, at least from the angler’s point of view. The gar tend to have a bad attitude about the whole thing. Imagine milling around your favorite hangout one day when you notice a guy cutting up a dripping barbeque brisket for free samples. When you […]


Found some carp in central Texas. Threw a cast net over this one and then posed it next to a fly rod to make it all look, you know, legit.

Fish with Teeth

I have always been fascinated by fish with teeth. Enter the choupique. That’s pronounced SHOO-pik. AKA dogfish, grinnel, cypress trout, or– just plain old bowfin. I’ve only caught a couple, and none of them have had the bright colors, the chartreuse fins and mouths. Hit up Google Images for some really weird colorations (try “bowfin […]

The Young Jedi

Got a call from The Young Jedi; man has been bustin a cap on some carp on the flats lately. One day in 2006 we bolted out of work early and went straight to the lake and I showed him the joys of lead core on a running line and he got his rod bent […]

Gar, I See You Hiding

To the tune of “Beth” (Kiss):

Gar I see you hiding But I can’t get my fly there You’re sunning facing to the bank And I just can’t make the cast

Just a few more days And the water warms some more I’ll stalk you from the open side And you’ll take the fly […]