Sex Dolls and Quakers

Rope flies and river gar make a pretty good combination, at least from the angler’s point of view.  The gar tend to have a bad attitude about the whole thing.  Imagine milling around your favorite hangout one day when you notice a guy cutting up a dripping barbeque brisket for free samples.  When you wander over he puts a slice in a paper towel and you thank him and turn away.  Mouth watering, you bite into your brisket only to find out it’s really seven inches of nylon rope.

Yeah, the gar hates that, too.

The fish in the picture was 15 pounds and mad.  Flossing a gar is plenty of fun with two guys in a boat with lots of tools and gloves, and more or less doable when you’re solo.  However, I don’t recommend it when you’re paddling by yourself.  Longnose gar and kayaks go together like sex dolls and Quakers.


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