Fish with Teeth

I have always been fascinated by fish with teeth.  Enter the choupique.  That’s pronounced SHOO-pik.  AKA dogfish, grinnel, cypress trout, or– just plain old bowfin.  I’ve only caught a couple, and none of them have had the bright colors, the chartreuse fins and mouths.  Hit up Google Images for some really weird colorations (try “bowfin spawning colors.”)

Bass fisherman hate them, for destroying their plugs, of course.  As it turns out, bowfin are pretty feisty on a fly.

However the teeth are not quite as impressive as, say, a barracuda.  In this close up you can’t even really see teeth.

Besides having a bunch of great nicknames, bowfin are strong fighters, and you can occasionally sight fish for them in shallow water.



3 Responses to “Fish with Teeth”

  1. alfonso says:


  2. Tim says:

    Bowfin are the absolute best. Glad to see you fishing for them. The threat doesn’t come from their teeth per se, but the power of their jaws. They BITE down they don’t suck down prey. Even a little one can leave bruises.

  3. Dave Speer says:

    spanish translation of alfonso’s comment:

    it is a beautiful fish congratulations