The Young Jedi

Got a call from The Young Jedi; man has been bustin a cap on some carp on the flats lately.  One day in 2006 we bolted out of work early and went straight to the lake and I showed him the joys of lead core on a running line and he got his rod bent alright:


The sunglasses were my spare for people that didn’t have the right sight fishin glasses, but I’m not claiming that straw hat. 


The Young Jedi got the last laugh, though, when I landed my fish we discovered why it had been helicoptering through the water towards the boat.

And you thought you missed this week’s episode of Pimp My Gar.

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2 Responses to “The Young Jedi”

  1. LSC says:

    my fish was way bigger then yours.

  2. Mike says:

    Brokeback Gar’in ?