Pickerel Bashing Time


Ah, the mighty pickerel.  In East Texas they call them jackfish.  It’s a winter thing here in Texas, as we are on both the southern and western edge of their range.  It’s a lot of fun throwing topwaters at Christmas.  

Pickerel have a lot in common with their larger cousin the northern pike.  They like big food and they aren’t afraid to lunge with incredible speed in water so shallow you can see their wakes coming for your flies.  What they lack in size they make up for in aggression.  These are not your midge-slurping winter fish.  You could put an entire season’s worth of tailwater trout flies in the same space it takes for one good pickerel fly in your box.


It’s officially pickerel bashing time in Texas.  Oh, yeah, if the reference (“stoner bashing time”) is a mystery to you, click your way to your nearest Netflix browser and watch the ultimate in stoner comedy: Dude Where’s My Car?


4 Responses to “Pickerel Bashing Time”

  1. Simon Graham says:

    Heard a lot about this species,Wish we had them here in Europe.Awesome colouration then have.

  2. Ward W says:

    Don’t know what’s crazier, the colors or that massive mouth. Cool fish for sure…

  3. Fat Guy Alex says:

    Those things get any bigger, and it could be a case of “Dude, where’s my fingers?”

  4. Hey Dave, how did you get Gene to go to Caddo in cold, wet weather? When he and I went there one January several years ago, we were only there for about two hours before he got too cold and had to go home. He was sick for two weeks after, the wuss!