You might hear them called rock perch or silver bass.  Put a little color on a freshwater drum, though, and it would look almost exactly like its salty redfish cousin.  I tend to find them more on boulders a little deeper than the carp flats I normally fish, but I really don’t catch that many.  It seems like whatever fly I have tied on never sinks fast enough when I get the rare and fleeting look at one.  In fact, these are the only two pictures I have of drum.

The first was caught in my kayak on the Brazos near Glen Rose, sometime in the heat of summer 2004.


Fast forward a couple of years to February 17, 2006.  About 6-8 of us got together to fling flies at Caddo Lake and the cold rolled in the night we did.  We fished a little in the evening, and the next morning any wet spot on the boat was frozen solid.  If I recall, it was 16 degrees out so we were dressed like the Michelin Man.  Lots of layers and if wasn’t for the fingerless gloves we probably couldn’t have fished at all.  It was slow going but we caught a few. 


The Caddo picture is over three years old, then, and it’s the last drum I caught on fly.  I really wish I caught them more often.  Maybe next year when it gets warm again it will be time for a gaspergou quest.

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  1. swellcat says:

    Firm flesh; good eatin’. No kiddin’.