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Screw Trout

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Every year, a week or two prior to Texas Parks and Wildlife’s kickoff to the annual put-and-take trout stocking program, the chatter on the now defunct forum Texas Fly Report turned heavy to the salmonids.

I’d let it go on for a little while, then change my avatar to this one for most of the winter:


It always got a few chuckles and always raised a few hackles, too.  It was supposed to be an “if you have to ask, you’ll never know” type thing but invariably someone would end up explaining it to the unwashed.

Basically, the argument behind my avatar was that you don’t have to travel out of state to fly fish only once a year.  And you don’t have to only fish for trout just because you’re using a fly rod, either.

I’ll admit that I really don’t have anything against trout, heck, I grew up fishing for them.  And even now once in a while I might find myself visiting family out west and I might be persuaded to dangle some nymphs under a bobber or throw a hopper up tight to a bank.  Trout belong in cold water rivers out west, and sand bass belong in Texas.  Even though I do like trout, having my conservation dollars go to a put-and-take fishery for a species that can’t even survive on their own once it warms up seems silly.  I’d much rather have TPWD blow up some dams and give the WHOLE state an alligator gar fishery, for example.

So on this one, the joke is based in the truth.  Even so, the phrase “Screw Trout!” is just funny.

Since I’ve gone the shameless commerce route, I thought I’d add some Screw Trout shirts to the Zazzle store.  Hey, sue me.  I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to be a capitalist and a carper.  Here is the t-shirt design:




There, was that enough clickable links to the store?  I mean, between the image and preceding paragraph there’s four links to the same products.  I guess if you’re gonna go capitalist, you might as well go all the way, right?


Thursday, October 15th, 2009

You might hear them called rock perch or silver bass.  Put a little color on a freshwater drum, though, and it would look almost exactly like its salty redfish cousin.  I tend to find them more on boulders a little deeper than the carp flats I normally fish, but I really don’t catch that many.  It seems like whatever fly I have tied on never sinks fast enough when I get the rare and fleeting look at one.  In fact, these are the only two pictures I have of drum.

The first was caught in my kayak on the Brazos near Glen Rose, sometime in the heat of summer 2004.


Fast forward a couple of years to February 17, 2006.  About 6-8 of us got together to fling flies at Caddo Lake and the cold rolled in the night we did.  We fished a little in the evening, and the next morning any wet spot on the boat was frozen solid.  If I recall, it was 16 degrees out so we were dressed like the Michelin Man.  Lots of layers and if wasn’t for the fingerless gloves we probably couldn’t have fished at all.  It was slow going but we caught a few. 


The Caddo picture is over three years old, then, and it’s the last drum I caught on fly.  I really wish I caught them more often.  Maybe next year when it gets warm again it will be time for a gaspergou quest.

High Stickin, Ditch Fishin

Thursday, October 8th, 2009


Same guy, different ditch— Steve and I decided to ply the small waters this Sunday afternoon. 


I think the two may be related.