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Screw Trout

Every year, a week or two prior to Texas Parks and Wildlife’s kickoff to the annual put-and-take trout stocking program, the chatter on the now defunct forum Texas Fly Report turned heavy to the salmonids.

I’d let it go on for a little while, then change my avatar to this one for most of the […]


You might hear them called rock perch or silver bass. Put a little color on a freshwater drum, though, and it would look almost exactly like its salty redfish cousin. I tend to find them more on boulders a little deeper than the carp flats I normally fish, but I really don’t catch that many. […]

High Stickin, Ditch Fishin

Same guy, different ditch— Steve and I decided to ply the small waters this Sunday afternoon.

I think the two may be related.