Alligator Gar: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?

I went back to the site of Apex Trash.  I was hoping for another alligator gar– maybe even a bigger one.  When I got to the spot, there were gar rolling, and I couldn’t see them while they were near the surface long enough to be sure, but, I hoped they were all alligator gar.  After trying to hit them on the head mid-roll several times, I finally stuck one.  Well the fish was smaller than my first and I’ve already forgotten its weight, maybe 6 pounds.  As you can see looking down the barrel, it’s still got two rows of teeth and that made my day!


OK, two notches on the belt and I’m a PRO-GAR-MAN…  or something like that.  I kept firing off casts but the water was muddy so it was as much hope fishing as sight fishing.  I’d see a gar, flop a cast out, and hope I got the sink rate and direction right so I could guess how far to lead the gar so it would see the fly.  I hooked another fish but it turned out to be a 2 pound sandbass.  Not exactly what I was looking for. 

Back at the truck I ate lunch and broke out the travel fly tying kit– I needed something that would push LOTS of water, and on a sticky wire.  Hey, these tarpon hooks ought to do.


I knew by the time I got done lashing together every bit of feather and fur I had that the fly would want to float, so I gave it a serious dose of lead wraps hoping to counter the effect. 


There, that ought to do.  A Whistler with enough colors to clash like a tie dyed t-shirt.  The four or five chicken feathers up front ought to push a little water, too.  I just wished I’d thought to put a beer in my fly tying bench.


I tied a trio of these affronts to nature and put them in the fly dryer to air out the head cement while I cleaned up the bucktail and hackle clippings that had accumulated in my truck.


I fished another couple of hours.  It’s really a shame, I went fishin for gar– serious fish– and all I ended up catching with my fancy new flies was two pounds of green trash.


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4 Responses to “Alligator Gar: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?”

  1. gator! sweet man. well done.

  2. Ward W says:

    MEAN lookin fish.. and diggin’ the “down the barrel” perspective, very sick.

    Been working on brokering a deal with my fiance to get in some fishin’ time when we’re down in the big D for OU/TX. Crossing my fingers.

  3. Ward W says:

    Found a spot with a lot of fish, but am having a hell of time getting tangles. My tangle up to bite ratio is terrible… seems like 1/20 and that might be generous for all I know. To be expected? Or time to go back to the drawing board with my rope fly?

  4. Dave Speer says:

    Ward are you sure you are casting to longnose gar? You really can’t use rope for spotted gar or alligator gar, their teeth are not close enough together. For spotted gar use a tandem hook rig with hooks size 6 or 8, for alligator gar the same but sizes like 1/0 and 4.