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You know where they don’t have Whataburger?


Freakin’ Russians, that’s what they got there.


That’s what I say.

The Mayors

Roy and Molly were a fun couple. We fished together exactly four years ago today. The two were avid anglers who had just decided to try fly fishing. Usually, they spent their time night fishing for bass, taking advantage of the cooler night time temperatures and lack of crowds on the water. Neither of […]

Release Pics

We have all seen thousands of hero shots, the standard grip-and-grin, front cover of a magazine shot. And, most of us are tired of them, unless there is something truly special about the picture– a guy with no arms and a grander marlin in his lap, a 5 year old girl hugging a fish twice […]

Lane’s Big-Ass Carp

History Lesson:

Texas Fly Report was shut down this week. The proprietor, Alex, (see: Redemption) created the site in 2002 as a programming hobby, and most of the initial members came to the site from a now defunct Yahoo Group called Texas Warm Water Fly Fishers.

I knew Lane from the Yahoo Group and some […]

On the Catwalk

Zach is a fashion beast. Oh, the fitover-style sunglasses are mine, to be sure– in case of polarization emergencies. The baseball hat as well. But only Zach can turn a borrowed hat and a spare t-shirt into serious flats stalking gear.

His fish was also sporting something from the Fall 2008 line: […]

Limit Minus Two

I was cruising along on my way to a virgin flat when I noticed some small pops on the glassy surface. I took a harder look and cut the motor without bothering to throttle down first. By the time the boat came off plane I was already reaching into a rod locker and within seconds […]